The red point is our brand name

It stands for quality products, which make a living and a working in the household more pleasant, in addition, for technical solutions in ranges such as kitchen installation technology, professional climbing technology and commercial waste technology. Hailo created it by know-how of many years and the permanent concern around the needs of its customers to become a mark which both the housewife and the professional Entscheider trusts. Our constant drive is the development of innovative and profitable product solutions.

Hailo, the brandladder

Ladders and folding steps are products which require high safety standards. They need to measure up to the trust shown in the Hailo brand in their day-to-day use. That’s why Hailo has developed and produced all its ladders in Germany using experienced personnel for over 60 years now. As a result, retailers and end users have invested a great deal of confidence in us and made us the outright market leader.

58% brand recognition

58 per cent recognition*- Hailo is the first choice when it comes to buying ladders. Consumers and retail partners associate the brand with "Made in Germany" quality, safety and outstanding design, as shown by a high level of brand loyalty: 94 per cent are repeat buyers*.

* Source: Monheim Study 2017

Brand of the Century

hailo marke des jahrhunderts enOver the course of time, Hailo has become a brand that people trust. Since 2004, Hailo has been declared one of the “Brands of the Century” in German-speaking markets, giving it star billing in the brand world as only the brands selected for this honour are those that have made a decisive impact on a particular product sector. As the inventor of the aluminium ladder, we are proud of this title.

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